Price Entertainment

Entertainment services at the right Price.

Welcome to our homepage!

For five years, Price Entertainment has been an amazing value for events in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. We know the cost of wedding entertainment can be high, which is why we will NEVER charge more than $750 for an event in Oklahoma! With their "Flat Rate Guarantee", they go above and beyond regardless of the location and size of the event!  One rate. No multiple extra fees.  

Price Entertainment not only matches your musical tastes with a large selection of the hits -- Jazz, rock, R&B, funk, reggaeton, Top 40, swing, soul, Latin, pop, country and more -- Price Entertainment works with you even up to the day of your event! 

Pricing includes:

  • Rehearsal, Ceremony and Reception (no time limits for reception!)
  • Wireless mics for toasts and possible karaoke!
  • Dancefloor lights and up lighting!
  • No charge for mileage or music purchases/downloads!
  • Set up and tear down!
  • Unlimited contact/meetings to ensure your needs are discussed!
  • Discounts for civil servants, educators and veterans available!

Let us show you why we  strive to be the best entertainment for your dollar!

Please contact us for prices, availability and more information!